Daniel McIntyre / St. Matthews Community Association has frequent Saturday chess meetups

The Daniel McIntyre / St. Matthews Community Association (DMSMCA) often has casual chess meetups on Saturday afternoons at their resource centre, 823 Elice Ave. Sometimes this has been every week noon-3pm, other times every other week. They’ve been doing this since August 2022.

Running the program is Adam Kostas, DMSMCA Community Programs Coordinator (Greening and Environment) .
greening [at] dmsmca.ca
204-774-7005 ext 103 .

Check the calendar at the bottom of their front-page or their frequently updated Twitter feed or Facebook pages. Use the doorbell on arrival.

Their classroom has 5 tables (seating for 10 players), plus there is additional seating and round tables in the lobby.

Some events require pre-registration, so be check the event announcements to be sure. Most other events require sign-in, as they need to gauge for funders how much they are engaging residents of the Daniel MacIntyre and St Matthews neighbourhoods.

Make sure to share the word in particular with folks you know in those two West End neighbourhoods to help them get local turnout. If you’re coming from outside the neighbourhoods, make an extra effort to ensure that you’re supporting local residents in having a fun and instructive time, as their attendance is what will help keep this really great community chess program going in the long run.

Upcoming on Saturday February 11, 2023, Alexander Slobidker will be offering a workshop on Paul Morphy from 2:30-3:30pm.

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