Rudolf Rocker January Online Swiss starts Saturday January 14th

We’re hosting our first online swiss at a long time control, 40+40.

This will be a multi-day tournament held on:

  • Saturday January 14th, 1pm
  • Saturday January 21st, 1pm
  • Sunday January 22nd, 1pm
  • Saturday January 28, 1pm

To participate, you have to first join our lichess team . We require that you be a Manitoba resident or former resident connected to our chess community, so you need to provide some kind of indication in your join request. If you’ve played in a Manitoba Chess Association or Manitoba Scholastic Chess Association event before, it would suffice to indicate that and tell us the name that you played under.

If you have any trouble joining the lichess group, contract If you’ve tried before, try again.

Once you’re a member of the Rudolf Rocker Chess Club lichess group/team, you can join the swiss tournament.

At the same time on January 14th Stefan will also host an in-person meetup 1-3pm at the Food Hall (central atrium, ground level) of The Forks Market. See the front page for more details on that.

Potentially on some of the other Saturdays we’ll also casual meetup in-person, locations TBA. At some of these we may host an online commentary team commenting on these online games. Stay tuned for more details on that.

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