Virtual casual chess meetup Thursday Dec 31, 2020, noon

This meetup was previously announced for Wednesday December 30th, but has been moved to Thursday December 31st.

Our second virtual chess meetup will be held at noon (12:00pm) Winnipeg time on Thursday, December 31, 2020. This will be one of the few times we’ve held a meetup outside a Saturday.

Hosted by Mark Jenkins, CFC 1408 . (lichess profile)

During the event time, players with internet access should visit our online meeting portal at and express their interest in playing in our internet relay chat room or appear on our Google Meet video conference, . The special event portal will be available by 11am and players admitted to the video conference meeting at noon.

The video conference will be live-streamed to Facebook and later reposted to YouTube. Stick to IRC if you’re shy about that.

If you unable to use the internet to play chess or that describes a chess player you know, see our page How to play by phone, radio, or conference call . We have a phone number on that page exclusively for offline players to call or text. (this is not an info line for everyone else who is online)

Please spread the word to your chess contacts who are offline that this is an opportunity to play live, untimed casual games with people by phone/text message.

For the first 30 minutes (12:00-12:30pm) the opportunity to play by phone/text will be exclusively reserved for Manitoba residents and former Manitoba residents who were part of the chess community. We’ll get up to 4 games going on the conference call, using internet players for half the board in some cases. (lichess provides a good way to do this) At 12:30pm we’ll open up the opportunity to play by telephone to anyone else in the world who reaches out, subject to our 4 game limit.

If we’re waiting for conference call players in this first 30 minutes, we’ll kibitz over in-progress lichess TV games or any other completed master or personal recorded games that participants want to talk over.

We’ll stop commencing conference call games at 2pm Winnipeg time. We’ll stick with any in progress until 5pm, at which point they’ll be adjourned.

After 12:30pm, if there are no conference call games happening (like last time), the host will play, kibitz with, and comment on the play of other online players up until 3pm.

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