Our club is focused on in-person casual meetups, on most Saturday afternoons. Your questions may be answered here.

Our meetups are largely attended by adults.

Most of our meetups are now at the 2nd floor seating of the Forks Market. Millennium Library is no longer our primary meeting location, but still the site of a parallel meetup once a month.

Upcoming meetups:

    • Saturday November 25, 2023 Noon-4pm
      The Forks Market 2nd floor seating hosted by Stefan.

      In addition, Mark Jenkins will be hosting at Millennium Library for 2 hours from noon-2pm. We are switching to the 4th floor vs the traditional 2nd floor. Note that the library still has metal screening at the door. The library is open until 5pm, so bringing your own set is advised, but not necessary if you’d like to play beyond 2pm.

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