The Rudolf Rocker Chess Club meets every Saturday, noon to 4pm, almost always on the second or third floor of 91 Albert St in Winnipeg.

We are drop in, casual, and fun. Members are often willing to not just play but also share their knowledge.

Membership is free. We ask the members for support to make rent by donation. We we also hold special events (tournaments, simuls) as fundraisers.

This front page will contain a notice if we’re going to be anywhere other than 91 Albert Street or holding a special event. All other days are regular casual chess days noon-4pm at 91 Albert St.

  • Saturday December 24th. Yes, we will have casual chess on Christmas Eve. All I want for Christmas is flawless play.
  • Saturday December 31st. Yes, we will have casual chess on noon-4pm on New Year’s Eve.

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