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June 13 Blitz Tournament

Our tournament (the fourth so far) will have two sections.

The open section will be  four round swiss with all pairings as double match-ups where you’ll be able to play as both white and black making for a total of 8 games.

The U1800 section will be a five round swiss, each player plays each other one game.

Both sections are clock move.  Players do not need to write down their moves, but they can if they want to.

Doors open at noon, registration ends at 12:30, tournament starts at 1pm.

Cost: $15

Time control: 5 minutes + 2 seconds

Between rounds 2 and 3 (around 13:30) there will be an included pizza lunch provided by Dominoes.

Guaranteed cash prize fund provided by Chandra Iyer of $70 for the Open section and $30 for the U1800 section.  In addition, 50% of all entries fees will go to the prize fund.

Tie breaks around 4pm will be held if required to establish a clear first and second.

This tournament will have a strict policy regarding cell phones.  You MUST turn them off.  If your cell phone goes off during the tournament, you will forfeit a match even if you are not currently playing one.

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