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Casual chess cancelled April 21, 2018

Sorry for the short notice.

Casual chess at our club is canceled on April 21, 2018, as we don’t have backup personnel that day.

We would encourage players of all levels to attend the Mind Sports Manitoba tournament at Sinclair Park Community Centre 9am to 5pm, 5 round rapid, $20 includes raffle, or call 204-996-2509 to register in advance.

If you’re just looking a casual game, check out the games tables on the 2nd floor of the Millennium library 1pm to 5pm where some players are often seen. In case nobody shows, you might want to bring your own set and grab a chess book from section 794.1 on the forth floor.

October 7, 2017 — Simultaneous exhibition with Manitoba Champion Gustav Baron

On October 7, 2017, come out for a simultaneous exhibition with 2017 Manitoba Champion NCM Gustav Baron

Where: 3rd floor 91 Albert St.
When: Saturday October 7, doors open for casual chess at noon. Simul starts at 1pm. Even closed by 4pm.

Price to play in the simul: $10 or $8 for Manitoba Scholastic players

Price to casually before and after: free

What to bring: If you can, bring a portable set (smaller than tournament size), as this will help us use some of the small tables in our venue.

July 2015 – February 2017 financial report

Long overdue!

July 2015 – February 2017 financial report


  • $1356.70 donations
  • $153 — January 30, 2016 tournament ($225 gross, -$72 in prizes)
  • $112 — October 27, 2015 tournament ($225 gross, -$113 in prizes)
  • $80 (approximately) — February 20, 2016 simul
  • $35 (approximately) — September 12, 2015 simul

Total income: $1736.70


  • $2000 rent (20 months at $100)

Total expenses: $2000

Net income: $-263.30

As of 2017-02-18


  • $25.54 Bank account
  • $52 petty cash held on site
  • $74.85 petty cash held off site

Total assets: $152.39

No Liabilities


Retained earnings: $152.39

World Championship Coverage (Saturday Nov 12 and 26)

We will have live coverage at the club of the Carlsen-Karjakin world championship on Saturday November 12 (round 2) and Saturday November 26 (round 11).

Casual chess will be available as usual.

The games start at 12:30 Winnipeg time.  If there is interest we will keep the coverage going past 4pm on the 2nd floor common area of 91 Albert .

On Saturday November 26 the club will be meeting in the room at the back of the third floor instead of the usual room at the front of the third floor.

The world champions will take a break on Saturday November 19 (between rounds 6 and 7). We break for no-one! Our regular, casual club day is still on.

Organizing Committee meeting/commitments September 10

The chess club is a voluntary, non-profit association. We’re not incorporated and we don’t formalized membership or a board of directors.

The most formal thing we’ve ever done is open a bank account.

Where we direct our time is opening/closing our club week in and week out and occasionally running special events like tournaments.

The people who do this consistently are an organizing committee. We’ve now taken the step of calling ourselves that and have made it clear that participation in making this happen is open to new people who demonstrate responsibility and commitment. We’d like more help and would like to rely on a broader base of people to take care of this over time.

We invite folks interested in helping to come out to our September 10 club day, where as an organizing committee we will renew our opening/closing commitments for the next quarter and consider interest from new organizers.

The opening/closing commitments that have been made up until that date are:

  • August 6, 2016 — Jamie
  • August 13, 2016 — Mark
  • August 20, 2016 — Jamie
  • August 27, 2016 — Mark
  • September 3, 2016 — Jamie
  • September 10, 2016 — Mark


Open Call to Join the Organizing Committee

Greetings to fans of the Rudolf Rocker Chess Club,

We are now wrapping up our second year of hosting casual chess every Saturday noon to 4pm. I am proud that we have demonstrated the viability of a drop in chess club located downtown that makes rent by donation vs charging for memberships and is open every single week.

Attendance and donations have been very strong in the last three months in particular and we’re impressed by the scholastic and CFC tournament performance of club attendees.

As we start year three, we have decided it is time to open up our organizing committee to more people. Jamie and I (Mark) have been opening and closing every week and also receiving a lot of assistance from folks in attendance, Theo in particular. To make the club stronger, lighten the load on Jamie and I, and to ensure we continue to never miss a week we are expanding the organizing committee to include more responsible folks who love enabling casual chess.

To join our all-volunteer organizing committee, we require that you sign up in the next three months (May-July 2016) for a commitment to do three open/close shifts for casual days or organize one special event like a tournament, simul, or other chess related event like a workshop if they are designed to create high attendance and revenue.

Opening and closing a club day requires your to be responsible for the following:

  • Checking our venue’s calendar to open the correct room. (we can be booked in any one of three rooms at 91 Albert) We will provide access to the keys.
  • Showing up on time for opening at noon.
  • Moving tables, chairs, equipment and cash box into position for club use, often requiring effort up and down stairs.
  • Greeting newcomers, offering them extra attention in getting the opportunity to learn and play.
  • Letting attendees know that voluntary donations allow the club to make rent and run casual chess week in and week out and showing appreciation for said donations.
  • Room cleanup up to the standards of our venue, and commencing this cleanup in time to be out of the room by 4pm if there is another booking right after us.

We will train you in all of these things and be available to support you carrying out this work.

Organizing a special event requires all the above plus:

  • Ensuring the largest room of our venue is booked specifically well in advance so we have room for a special event to hold a crowd.
  • Marketing the event well in advance of the day, including direct contacts with other parts of the chess community to give us the greatest reach
  • Pricing the event appropriately to ensure the event is both well attended and earns revenue for the club
  • Operating the special event up to the standards expected by the chess community (this is particularly important for tournaments)
  • If the event is a tournament, ensuring tournament specific rules are posted in advance

As a member of the organizing committee we will include you in the internal discussion process whenever the club has bigger decisions to make.

We will be wrapping up our organizer calendar for May-July at the April 30th club day, so if you would like to volunteer to open/close and be part of the organizing committee in that period, please let us know in advance of or at club that day. If you’re not able to attend, please let us know by email which days you would like to commit to.

Auxilary volunteer assistance to help us with the above workload is also welcome at any time. If you’d like to volunteer for us in the May-July period, but can’t commit to three shifts or a special event, let us know. At this time we also welcome offers to help us organize in the August-October, 2016 quarter.

Mark Jenkins
Co-founder and treasurer