Congrats on CFC title/class norms

The CFC has a formal system for being recognized as a class player or title holder that includes being able to achieve classes and titles with three performances norms and a base rating. These make for interesting incremental goals and opportunities to recognize good performances.

As Silman says, you can’t just shoot for master, it’s good to set goals for levels in between.

Along those lines, here are the norms achieved in the September Tuesday Night Tournament (Arsen Aban Memorial):

  • Jeff Clark scored his first expert (national candidate master) norm
  • Will Bonness scored his 2nd class B norm and 3rd and final class C norm. Congratulations Will, you are now officially a class C player. Even without norms he is very close to have a rating over 1700 (other path to class B) once he reaches 24 games.
  • Rayan Roy scored his first class B norm
  • Ken Marshall scored his first class E norm
  • Carter Marshall scored 0/5, but based on the strength of his opponents this is good enough to still count as his first class E norm

I’ll be coming back and seeking my first class C norm in the November/December TNT — in a previous post I claimed to have already done this, but the relevant tournaments didn’t include the required 5 games which is part of the rules for CFC title/class norms.

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