Golden Boy Classic — meet, greet, and eliminate day (with update)

The Golden Boy Classic is a team tournament being held on 5 consecutive Saturdays, starting Sept 27, organized by Total Educational Development for Sports, Inc. (group behind Tyndal Park tournaments).

Teams have to be formed from persons from the same provincial legislature constituency. With their being 57 of these in Manitoba and 31 in Winnipeg and with chess players spread out, forming a team is a challenge.

The Rudolf Rocker Chess Club is offering its support by dedicating our September 20 club day as a chance for you to meet and greet fellow players from the same constituency. (and hold elimination competitions if there are too many of you). This day is also the deadline day for signing up for the tournament.

Please note that per constituency team slots in this tournament are being filled by the organizers on a first-come, first-serve basis, so think of this upcoming Saturday as your last chance to decide if you want to participate, rank your team members, and fill empty slots. Keep in mind that other people from your constituency may have already signed up and may not come out to this occasion to see who else is ready to play for the same constituency. Organizer Rey Sangalang will be in attendance to help us sort it all out. If you want to assure yourself of a spot prior to Saturday you should contact Rey, work hours: 204 930 7468 after 6pm: 204 599 6680

Update from meeting with Rey on Tuesday:
Teams will only be required to have three members from the same leg constituency!

Regardless of where you live and who you know, if you want to play in this tournament you should contract Rey by by Saturday or run into him on Saturday.

Any district with four or more people who are residents will be locked in with those people as team members, no additions.

People who sign up who wouldn’t be able to play due to too few fellow residents will be put by the tournament organizers in the extra player pool and randomly assigned to districts with only three players, forming teams of size 4 and 5. You can not pick who the extra players are on your team.

Team formation is distinct from who plays — a team with 3 residents and 2 extra could in theory have 2 residents and 2 extras at the board. Teams have to get together early on Saturday Sept 27 and finalize who will be captain and a rank (1st board, 2nd board… 6th) for all players. 4 boards on game day will be filled by rank after unavailability is taken into account.

Two highlights from tournament rules:

  • players will be recording moves (as is fitting for a long time control, high stakes game)
  • you can consult your captain before offering a draw. Apparently your captain isn’t supposed to look at your board when this happens but just consider how a draw will contribute to the team’s strategic (scoring) interests.

Come on down to the 3rd floor of 91 Albert St., noon-4pm.
(note, there is no elevator, only stairs!)

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