Wednesday Sept 30, Sacrifice night at Grant Park

See Pawn Sacrifice (drama film about Bobby Fischer) with other chess players, and get some chess in beforehand.

Gather for chess at the mall tables between 4:30 and 6:30 on Wednesday September 30, then grab threatre seats for 6:55pm show time. (or keep playing chess until 7:05, skip the ads and crane your neck with a front row seat, see if I care!)

Suggestion, before joining the mall tables for chess buy your ticket first! (you can buy them online right now at or in person day of)

In addition to the 6:55pm showtmie, this film also shows at this location at 12:35, 3:35, and 9:55pm every day between now and Thursday Oct 1. There are also show times at Cineplex McGillvary with the same date span.

Tickets at Landmark Cinemas Grant Park are $10.50 general admission, $8.50 for children 3-13, $8.99 if you’re 65+, that price includes all taxes.

Most of the mall tables are at centre court just west of the doors between McNally Robinson and the mall corridor.

There are not a lot of tables and I’m not sure how vigorously mall security tries to keep them open. Our film tickets alone may not be enough (the theatre has it’s own lobby with limited seating), it may help if many of us have food and beverage items from the mall.

The Manitoba Film Classification board has rated this film PG, which means everyone is admitted, parental guidance is advised, most suitable for viewers over 12. Has a “Not recommended for young children” (8 and under warning) and “language may offend” warnings. The MPAA also points out there is a little bit of implied sex (Toby McGuire goes topless!) and plenty of “historical smoking” as was common in the years 1951-1972.

My honest opinion, your sensitive 10 year old chess kid will be fine and probably not come home worried they’re on track to be the next Paul Morphy or likely to have mom and dad move out on them them at age 16! Do we even have any 10 year olds in Winnipeg who are so chess obsessed that they’re already playing at the expert or higher level?

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