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A bad day for queens and missed shots at kings

A rapid game I played with 10 minutes and 3 second increment played on FICS (they consider that blitz). Blundered queens and missed checkmates by both sides.

Blitz on our paper marketing sets

For absurdity sake, EasyPrisey and OsaridSaris subject the free paper marketing sets to 3 minute blitz. White makes the first blunder before even moving by mispronouncing his own nickname. They open with all 8 moves from their current correspondence game.

Click on on the C8 square for the pgn and G8 for documentation.

The game from our poster

On our 11×17″ poster is the following game between “Rudolf Rocker v Emma Goldman, November 5, 1899, London”.

Those two did meet in November 1899, but were not known to have played chess. This game is actually between myself and another club member and was their second of two games played with handicapped time controls (white rapid, black blitz) on International Tabletop Day, April 5, 2014.

This game was actually played beyond move 23, but I got a bit confused and then lazy while going through the record at that point and I figured this was long enough for the poster. A fine place to resign, though 15. Qxa1+ would been time enough as well.

Click on on the C8 square for the pgn and G8 for documentation.

The road to Millionaire Chess in Las Vegas

The Millionaire Chess Open is pretty exciting for chess. A million dollars in total prizes with $143,000 for the under 1400 section (some of it for U1200 and U1000) and $112,000 each for 2200, U2000, U1800, U1600 sections and the remaining $409,000 for the open section.

I wish I could afford the $1000 entry fee, travel and accommodations as this would be awesome.

But I’d have to spend a lot more than that to make it worthwhile.

If, like me you don’t have an established and recognized chess rating, you have to play in the killer open section! This is an anti-sandbagging policy. They also go with your highest rating since December.

It takes quite a few games to get established. Both CFC and USCF require 24 rated games before you’re not provisional.

The tournament is in October. How would you get that many rated games in by September?

Here in Winnipeg you can get 13 games in with the Tuesday Night Tournaments (TNT) of May (4), June (4), and July (5). There’s 5 Tuesdays in September as well, though I don’t know if that would be rated in time. You can pick up another 5 in a weekend in August during the Abe Yanofsky Memorial.

To get over 24 you do have to travel once — your best bet is the 2014 Canadian Open in Montreal in July which has 9 rounds.